Steve Vortex

An outsider to traditional theatre, Steve Mahone broke into the Dallas theatre scene with the Hard City Theatre, applying a punk rock aesthetic to live theatre shows. Awarded the Dallas Theatre Critics' Forum Award for Best Director 1996, Steve specialized in forgoing traditional sets and venues.

Directed shows include:

The Elephant Man

A minimalist experimental gender-swapped production, retooled for three distinctly-different venues


In The Flesh

An original, experimental adaptation, with a cast of 3, set entirely on the Mary Shelley novel’s ship bound for the North Pole.

Anne of The Thousand Days

A minimalist, modernist production, in the round, with no staging save two modern floor lamps and a stainless steel bowl of water on a low Japanese table.

A Clockwork Orange

The third-ever production granted permission by the Anthony Burgess estate, staged in a dance club.